Tin Museum of Bangka Belitung

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Bangka Belitung
BANGKA Belitung (Babel), which is located next to the island of Sumatra, save a lot of tourism potential. Not only the beauty of the beach, as well as a variety of heritage tourism history.
Scenic beauty of the beaches in Bangka had been no doubt. However, the fact that the province is known through the film Laskar Pelangi also has historical tourism potential. In colonial times, Bangka Island became one of the witnesses struggle Ir. Sukarno in Indonesia gain independence.
To start the tour in the history of this area, tourists can visit the Museum of Lead. The museum is the only museum on the tin in Indonesia, even in Asia. Located on Jalan Ahmad Yani no.17, Pangkalpinang, the museum has become one of the popular tourist destinations in Babylon.
The museum is superbly stood since 1958, when it was discovered a variety of traditional tin mining equipment I’ve ever used. Even so, the museum unveiled a totally new and opened to the public on August 2, 1997.
This museum displaying various equipment used to perform the mining of tin. Even this museum contains tin mining journey from the Dutch to the current developments.
Tin Museum is open every Monday to Friday at 08.00 until 16.00. On Sunday, the museum is open from 09:00 until 14:30 pm. To enter the museum, visitors are not charged or free.
Prior converted into a museum, this place was originally a shelter employees BTW (Banka Tin Winning). The museum is a place talks with Indonesian leaders leading people in the Netherlands before talks Roem-Royen held.
In addition to tin museum, there is a museum that can be visited by others, the Museum of Tanjung Pandan. The museum is located in the city of Tanjung Pinang, has stood since 1963 at the initiative of a Dutch geologist. Therefore, in ancient times, the museum called the Museum of Geology, as reported visitbangkabelitung page.
In this museum, visitors can see various ancient collections from a bygone era. In addition to the rock that is the result of the PT. Tin, at Here again can see a variety of ceramic artifacts from Chinese civilization, including the use of custom clothing and money-fashioned money.

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