Bukit National Park

BUKITBukit National Park or people commonly know it as Bukit Barisan National Park is located in the province of Lampung, Sumatera. This national park is the home for special species live in it such as Sumatera rhino, Sumatera tiger, Sumatera elephant, and of course the famous corpse flower.One thing to know is that the biggest corpse flower lives in Bukit Barisan National Park. Beside rafflesia and giant corpse flower, giant orchid is also the mascot plant of this national park.

The national park is used as world heritage by UNESCO.This is the place where three most endangered animals live. Bukit Barisan National Park is the priority project of Sumatera rhino and elephant conservation through Asian Rhino and Elephant Action Strategy (AREAS) from WWF. Besides, this national park is also the most important area for Sumatera tiger conservation on earth.

tiger Bukit Barisan National Park is arranged by the range of Bukit Barisan mount, mangrove, coastal, and tropical forest. So being in this national park is a great opportunity to explore and enjoy the complete collections the nature has. Several spots are worth to visit in Bukit Barisan National Park. Lake Menjukut is the place where kinds of fish and other water animals live. This is also the spot where you can watch the grouse, wild buffalo, deer, and antelope drink the water or bath. Don’t worry if you’re interested to swim or to explore the whole lake by boat because it’s possible, the lake is safe. Read more..

Most Favorite Islands in Indonesia


Indonesia as a unique archipelago country consisted of five big islands and thousands of the small ones. These islands have uncountable amazing spots that are really worth to visit by everyone. Some of these islands are so popular among the visitors. They even become a must-visited spots by international tourists.

Java, as one of the biggest islands in Indonesia may be the place where most of everything happens in Indonesia. The nation’s capital is stated in Java,

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West Papua and Korowai People

Among all islands in Indonesia, Papua is the most challenging island. This one of the biggest islands in Indonesia is surrounded by natural jungle, high mountains, and heavy terrain. No wonder that some isolated tribes still can be found in Papua. This thing is a rare one to see in today life, but at the same time this could be the most attractive thing to explore and experience.

Don’t say you’re a true adventurer before landing your

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Feel Your Adrenaline in Rantepao

Tana Toraja is one of the tourism centers and very well-known in Indonesia. It’s about 300 km from Makassar and takes about 8 to 10 hours trip from Makassar as well. Although taking long time to reach, the trip is very enjoyable because the buses provided are air-conditioned and very clean. The cost is affordable, only IDR 80.000 to IDR 100.000. Every year, people around the world come to see and prove by themselves that Tana Toraja is

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